WHOSOEVER! I love that word.

WHOSOEVER! It means any person

I don't remember how old I was when the truth of that became real for me, but i do remember the joy and freedom that reality brought to my life. For me it meant that all of my gifts and all of my flaws, all of my joys and all of my sorrows, all of belief and all of my doubt, being fully able and differently able; all of who i am and all of who I am not is welcome at the throne of God. 

The same is true for this ministry. This ministry os for every person. for any person, for all people...for you. ​ Just as you are, all of who you are, wherever you are, you are loved by God! You are accepted and affirmed by God! You are the receiver of God's grace & favor! You are God's WHOSOEVER!

​Declare it now...I Am A Whosoever! I Am A Whosoever! I Am A Whosoever!

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Whosoever Music has 3 full CD projects, "With All of My Heart" (2006), "God Still Loves Me" (2011), and "P2K11 - Peace & Favor" (2013). All feature Cheryl's original compositions. "Pour Your Freedom Over Me" (2011) is also available as a single. 

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